Sahabat Maya

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Without words

i shouldn't have done that,
i should have pretend that i didn't know,
as if u were invisible,
as if i couldn't see,
i guess i shouldn't have never looked at you,
i should have run away,
i should have pretended i couldn't hear,
pretend that i couldn't even hear,
as if i was deaf,
i shouldn't have never listened to your love,

without words, u make me know love,
without words u give me love,
because u let me hold your breath, and then ran away..

without words, your love leaves me,
without words, love throws me away,

what should i say??
i think my closed lips are startled on their own,
because it came without words,

why does it hurt like this?
why does it keep hurting?
Except for the fact that i cant see u and you're not here..
Everything is the same as before.

without words, my tears flow,
without words my heart is collapsing,
without words i wait for love,
without words i ache for love...

I'm lost in confusion,
i became a fool,because i only look at the sky and cry...

without words, it came,
without words, it's leaving,..
like a passing fever, i think it might hurt only a while,..
because it only left a small scar-

P/S : post ney aku copy dari my besties

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